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The exchange of words causes collisions.  Letters crashing upon one another in mid-air, creating a pile of powder at our feet as the alphabetical dust settles.  What did it all mean, as we now stare at the ground?  It is all as fine as the softest sands.  In order to examine the remains, one would need hours and advanced microscopy.  And in looking at millions of grains, even if you were able to see each one for its particular, unique attributes, you would never see the whole or see how one tiny, black speck could ruin the whole lot.  But, beauty is in the eye of the inspector.  A black speck, misshapen and out of place becomes rare, inexplicable discovery.  Requires more research.  Tests upon tests, built upon a momentary revelation.  A slight shifting of grains.  There it sits and seemingly where it has been all along.  One amongst many.